Service Plans Protect Your Equipment

Written on: September 19, 2022

We help you save money and have peace of mind

hvac equipment connecticutIt seems like every time we turn around lately, the price of something we need and use goes up. That’s why many of us are looking for ways to save money.

Servco is here to help! Our affordable service plans help you keep your energy costs down while protecting you from big repair bills. These are the plans we offer:

Oil heating service plans

Energy Savings Plan

Energy Savings + Plan

Both plans give you the option to add coverage for your water heater, water heater tank, hydro air handler, and humidifier, as well as add remote heating oil tank monitoring.

Propane heating service plan

Propane Energy Savings Plan

You are also able to add other propane appliances to the plan including your storage or tankless water heater, water heater tank, propane fireplace, and humidifier. You also get a discount on adding wireless propane tank monitoring.

Air conditioning service plan

Air Conditioning Energy Savings Plan

You can also add multiple condensing units to the plan if your air conditioning system has more than one. Adding winterization service is also an option.

Generator plans

Generator Protection Service Plan

What are the benefits of service plans?

Your equipment runs better. Every Servco service plan includes an annual tune-up for your home’s HVAC and comfort equipment, which ensures that it will stay running smoothly. Our experienced and skilled repair technicians carefully inspect, clean, and lubricate your equipment’s components, replacing any worn out or damaged ones.

The annual tune-up allows Servco’s service technicians to identify and repair any issues before they become larger – saving you from breakdowns and costly repairs.

Cut your energy costs. Not only will our service plans save you money by preventing expensive repairs, but they also help to lower your energy costs.

If you regularly maintain your HVAC and comfort equipment, they’ll operate more efficiently, using less power without compromising your comfort. You may save 10% or more on your energy expenses for that equipment. When you consider how much heating and cooling account for of your house’s energy use, as well as water heating, it’s easy to understand why you could end up saving a lot of money!

Because properly maintained HVAC and comfort equipment will have a longer life expectancy than those that aren’t, you won’t have to replace them as frequently. You’ll get a better return on your investment.

If you do need repairs, our service plans include coverage for a wide range of parts and labor costs, so those jobs may be less expensive than you anticipate.

Protect your warranty. Manufacturers of HVAC systems and water heaters almost always now include a clause in their warranties requiring that you have your equipment serviced by an expert service professional once a year. By getting the yearly tune-ups included in our service plans, you might be able to keep your warranty active and avoid having to pay for a large repair in the future.

Servco’s service plans help you take good care of your home’s heating, cooling, and comfort equipment. Contact us today to enroll!